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Hey, shadow here!

You can call me shadow or shadowmist. I'm a 16 year old student and I'm from the Philippines, musta naman dyan? :D Drawing has always been a hobby for me and I love it!

I'm an author in under the name of shadowmistx98. I also am an anime-lover ;)

Follow me on twitter at JaygShadowMist

So, I got tagged again ^^

Tagged by --> :iconleprincexd: :iconharuhara16:

1. Choose one of your OCs and answer the 10 questions listed below.
2. Tag 5 or more people at the end.
3. No tag backs.

Well, hey, I still haven't done one for Brooke, would you look at that XD (Seriously tho, after all this time? XD)


1. What is your name?

My name's Brooke Lin Azure! *smiles*

2. Who do you get along with the most?

I get along mostly with Aden, Jazz and Esme. But as long as anyone accepts me for who I am, I'm sure we'll get along well.

3. That's nice. Do you have any sort of special traits or abilities?

Well, I'm an archer. My semblance is an illusion type of semblance where I can fake certain things or I can hide my presence. I'm pretty handy with Dust too and that includes condensing and solidifying it to use as an arrow. I can also concentrate it on my left eye to achieve 100% accuracy in my shots but it bleeds out when used more than 2 minutes...

4. What would you do if you became... NOTHING!?

Uum... Nothing?

5. Alright, fair enough, but consider this: You're locked in a room, there's a guard outside the door, and all you've got with you is a paper clip, some string, and a picture of Mike Tyson. What do you do?

Well, paper clip is effective for lock picking. As for Mike Tyson's picture (whoever that is...), I'll slip it under the door so the moment the guard picks it up, I'll open the door to knock him out! :)

6. How do you defend yourself from Eriko?

Eriko? I'm sorry, I don't know him... Or her...

7. I see. Well then, what's your daily routine at work look like? (If applicable)

I train and attend classes. I also practice target shooting. If there's anytime left, I relax.

8. Interesting. What about on your days off?

I usually go to our dust shop but I also wander around Vale for a moment.

9. Do you have any enemies?

I think a few people at Beacon consider me as enemies (don't know why though... :iconcraiplz: ). Especially the girls who I first met at the airship to Beacon. They've been quite the definition of bullies, but I don't really care much as long as I'm not doing anything wrong.

10. If you could be doing anything else right now, what would it be?

Probably archery and dust practice.

You're finished! Tag at least 5 or more people to answer these questions!

I don't know who to tag so, sorry if there are any tagged people already. It's okay if you don't want to do it, I totally understand ^^
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